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FXLogix is a set of .NET 3.5 libraries for personal investment management Main modules include real-time trading and P/L (via standard protocols like FIX, TWIST, FpML etc) , historical/technical chartings and analysis, plus new P2P social networking knowledge share etc.

What's so different of FXLogix?

The original contributor is a veteran architect developer for a leading investment bank. We are trying to combine the best of technologies used in investment bank (which is high volume, low-latency trading system design expertise plus wealth and risk management skill for UHNW Ultra-High Net Worth investors) and social engineering experience to provide a new way of sharing investment knowledge, ideas, as well as providing an distributed infrastructure for grass root oriented innovation in this particular area.

  • Acropolis: a WPF based trading and asset allocation, P/L interface (sorry Microsoft, you canceled project so I'll borrow the project name here :)
  • Apollo: a WCF based connectivity library to connect to various ECN, Electronic Connectivity Network, i.e. exchanges or your brokers (as long as they support standard protocols, which becomes more common)
  • Olympia: a server side library, based on Google OpenSocial but will be extended to support our new services.
  • Zeus: a ported version for Windows Mobile devices of above code base and a Object C library for iPhones

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